Since Beta Alpha Psi is an honor society, there are certain minimum academic requirements that must be met each semester by all levels of membership while attending SFSU.

Meeting these eligibility requirements does not, however, guarantee membership. Current and prospective members must also display the willingness and ability to meet the chapter's hour requirements and to be involved with our various chapter committees. Additionally, all members are expected to behave ethically and responsibly. These criteria will be continually reassessed to determine ongoing eligibility.

Academic Eligibility Criteria

Mandatory Criteria
Must have a minimum overall GPA: 3.2
Must have at least two semesters remaining at SFSU


  • Be declared or intend to declare a concentration in accounting, decision sciences, finance, or information systems.

  • Be declared concentration in accounting, finance, or information systems
  • Enrolled in at least one upper division course within declared concentration, beyond the business core courses, with a grade of B or better
  • Gateway courses for majors are:                                                                                                  Accounting Majors - ACCT 301 Intermediate Financial Accounting I                             Decision Sciences - DS 412  Operations Management                                                        Finance Majors - FIN 350 Business Finance                                                                   Information Systems Majors - ISYS 363 Information Systems for Management
Be declared concentration in accounting, data analytics, finance, or information systems.
Completed at least one advanced requirement course in the field of accounting, data analytics, finance, or information systems with a grade of B or better (for example, ACCT-800 Financial Accounting I).
Executive Graduate Honor (EGH)
Offered exclusively by the top AACSB accredited graduate business programs in the United States, qualifying begins by achieving a GPA of at least a 3.5 after completing 15 credits of course work. An invitation to apply online directly to the BAP Executive Office will be extended to the applicant by the university. The application process will verify academic qualifications and seek evidence to support shared values and commitments through demonstrated professional work experience and community service.


Why should you fulfill the requirements?

In order to maintain our status as a nationally-recognized superior chapter, our chapter must maintain a high level of activity and involvement. This is measured, largely, as a percentage of attendance at events and activities. Thus, your participation in our events is very important. Candidates' and members' attendance will be reported to the Beta Alpha Psi national office to determine if our chapter meets the eligibility requirements for superior chapter status. Through participation, not only will you allow yourself to be involved socially and professionally, but you will also be part of a team effort to accomplish our chapter's goal. Your participation is crucial in allowing us to maintain our status as a superior chapter, which distinguishes us at the highest level of excellence

How do the requirements work?

We track candidates' and members' participation according to an impact points system. The more points, the better! Our chapter recognizes and offers awards to our highest achievers each semester. To remain in good standing, you must achieve the minimum number of points each semester. There are three tiers of membership within our chapter. Our three tiers are 1st Semester Candidates, those who have newly joined our chapter; 2nd Semester Candidates, those who have successfully met the minimum requirements as a 1st Semester Candidate and are now in their second semester in our chapter; and Members, those who have successfully met the minimum requirements as a 2nd Semester Candidate and have been formally initiated as a Member of Beta Alpha Psi.

Track Your Own Progress

While our Director of Reporting will track your involvement using sign-in sheets from each of our events, you will benefit by keeping a record of those events you attend. Should you have any questions or need clarification as to your standing during the semester, please consult with the President, Executive Vice President, or the Director of Reporting. 

Beta Chi Impact Point Requirements

All Affiliates must:

Collect at least 9 points of Professional Activities.
Collect at least 9 points of Service Activities.
Collect at least 4 points of Beta Chi Chapter Activities.

Total Semester Point Requirement: 22 points

All 1st Semester Candidates, 2nd Semester Candidates, and Active Members must:

Complete at least 12 points of Professional Activities
Complete at least 12 points of Service Activities
Complete at least 6 points of Beta Chi Chapter Activities

Total Semester Points Requirement: 30 points 

Professional Activities

Meet the Firms
Mock Meet the Firms
Technical Presentations
Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) training sessions*

Service Activities

Community Service Events
Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA)*  

Beta Chi Chapter Activities

Welcome Night
Orientation Night
Initiation Ceremony
Alumni Dinner
Chapter social events

*Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) training sessions will count towards 2 points of Professional Activities.

* During the Spring semester, those who participate and complete the required VITA hours will be awarded 4 points that would count towards the Community Service Events requirement.

Additional Notes:

BAP National defines one activity (the activity must be at least an hour) as one point.

Each semester, a maximum of 5 professional or service points may be completed at outside events. These must be pre-approved by the President, Executive Vice President, and the Director of Reporting. Proof of attendance must also be submitted.


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