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Fall 2022 Officer's Board

A team full of amazing people. This group is a great blend of experienced officers and newcomers. It will be an exciting semester with such a stellar group of people!


Mike Young

Fang Yao

Yuen Rati Htet 

Xiaoyong Lin

Juhee Bashir 

Audrie Wong 

Tianlan Shen 

Nico Celestino 

 Singing Chen 

Dafne Mata 

Tianlan Shen 

Spring 2022 Officer's Board

Thank you for your service to Beta Chi for the Spring 2022 Semester.

Name PositionTermContact Information
Lan Hu
President  Spring 2022LinkedIn
Dora Harper Executive Vice President 
Spring 2022LinkedIn
Thi "Janice" Luc TreasurerSpring 2022LinkedIn
 Siyu Xian Director of AdministrationSpring 2022LinkedIn
Michelle Fu Director of Reporting Spring 2022LinkedIn
Yao Fang Director of Professional DevelopmentSpring 2022LinkedIn     
Yuen Rati Htet Director of Student OutreachSpring 2022LinkedIn
David Ngai Director of Community RelationsSpring 2022LinkedIn
Juhee Bashir 
Director of Social Affairs
Spring 2022LinkedIn     
Brian Fan Director of Alumni RelationsSpring 2022LinkedIn
Dafne Mata
Director of Technical Presentation

Spring 2022LinkedIn

Interested in holding an officer position?

These offices present an opportunity and a challenge to those who must fill them. They require creativity, time, effort, dedication, and a sincere interest by those who are elected. The chapter will take care to select willing and capable persons who have the ability and commitment to perform the tasks associated with their respective offices. We acknowledge the honor associated with these officer positions, but, beyond that, expect superior performance and unselfish performance that will be to the credit and benefit of all Chapter members.

Reach out to the current officer in the position you are interested in! Learn about the responsibilities and expectations related to the respective position to prepare for elections. Typically, elections are held 2 weeks before finals. 

Faculty Advisors

Snow Han is currently an Assistant Professor of Finance at the Lam Family College of Business, San Francisco State University. Snow received her Ph.D. in Finance from the University of Georgia. Her primary research areas focus on asset pricing, corporate governance, IPO and M&A. She teaches financial institutions, financial markets, and security industry essential courses. Snow is also a member of Financial Management Association and other regional financial associations. Her research has been published in Review of Behavioral studies, International Journal of Managerial Finance…etc.  

Xue ("Snow") Han, Ph.D.

Beta Alpha Psi (Beta Chi Chapter) - Faculty Co-Advisor

Yifan Li is an Assistant Professor of Accounting at the Lam Family College of Business. She joined the accounting faculty in 2017 after receiving her Ph.D. degree from the University of California, Irvine. Her research interests are mainly in financial accounting, corporate disclosures, and capital markets. She is teaching both introductory and intermediate financial accounting.

Yifan Li, Ph.D.

Beta Alpha Psi (Beta Chi Chapter) - Faculty Co-Advisor


Beta Alpha Psi - Beta Chi
Lam Family College of Business
San Francisco State University
PO Box 27131
San Francisco, California 94127