Volunteer Income Tax Assistance at San Francisco State University Beta Alpha Psi

2024 VITA at SFSU:
Starting from January 30th to April 12th

During the tax season, VITA at SFSU Beta Alpha Psi provides free income tax preparation to low-income, students (including international students on F or J visas), elderly, disabled, and limited English proficient individuals 

VITA Program at SFSU Beta Alpha Psi (BAP)

VITA is an I.R.S. program and the VITA site at SFSU is part of the student organization Beta Alpha Psi. This VITA program is sponsored by Lam Family College of Business (LFCoB), Beta Alpha Psi (BAP), and the United Way of Bay Area (UWBA).  

[Become an IRS-Certified Volunteer]: VITA Volunteer Application is currently closed and will be reopened in early September.

2024 VITA Tuesday, January 30- Friday, April 12

All service are by appointment only 

[In-Person VITA]  AGI (Adjusted Gross Income) Limit $70,000 per year & IRS-certified volunteers provide in-person tax filing 

[DIY VITA] AGI (Adjusted Gross Income) Limit $79,000 per year Do your taxes on-site with assistance

Make an appointment at 

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Please provide 24-hour advance notice for cancellations or rescheduling requests

VITA Location: Creative Arts #116 (next to library), SFSU

Before You Visit

Please arrive 10 minutes early and bring the required documents to complete the intake form. To prepare a tax return, please bring the following documentation:

  • For married filing joint, both spouses must be present
  • Government issued photo identification for you and your spouse (if married)
  • Social Security cards or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number documents for you, your spouse, and/or dependents
  • Birth dates for you, spouse, and/or dependents
  • All forms of income (W2s, 1099s, self-employment work, etc.)
  • Other tax forms (1098s, 1095s, etc.) 
  • Information for all deductions (including charitable contributions)/credits
  • Total paid to day care provider and their tax ID number
  • Bank account and routing number for direct deposit refund
  • Last year’s tax return is helpful, but not required

Tax Filing Options

  • Traditional In-Person Service (In-Person VITA) - Meet face to face with an IRS certified volunteer. Following a brief interview, the volunteer inputs your information into an IRS authorized tax software program. The returns will be reviewed by an IRS Certified Quality Reviewer. 
  • Do-It-Your Self Service (DIY VITA/Facilitated Self Assistance) - The IRS offers a Facilitated Self Assistance (FSA) program. Under FSA, taxpayers prepare their own returns using an online interview-based software, while IRS-certified volunteers stand ready to assist with tax questions. 

VITA Scope of Services:

Refer to the IRS Publication 4012 for more information:

Form Name Form DescriptionForm NameForm Description
W-2Wage and Tax Statement1099-S* Sale of Home
W-2GGambling Winnings1099-MISC*Self-employed Income
1099-INTInterest Income1099-C*Cancellation of Debt
1099-DIVDividends Received 1099-SA*Health Savings Accounts
1099-GState Tax Refunds 1095-A, B, or CAffordable Health Care Statements
1099-GUnemployment Benefits 1098-TEducation Credits
1099-RIRA Distributions Schedule 8812Child Tax Credit
1099R, RRB-1099, CSA-1099Pension IncomeSchedule AItemized Deductions
SSA-1099Social Security BenefitsSchedule EICEarned Income Credit
1099-BSimple Capital Gain/LossForm 1040X*Prior Year and Amended Returns

Get Free Tax Help

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  • IRS:

Benefits of VITA Volunteers

  • Receive a certificate of recognition from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for your service
  • Gain a valuable addition to your resume and a great career builder
  • Have an opportunity to network with tax professionals
  • Receive hands-on tax experience
  • Receive free tax training and free tax handbooks
  • Learn to prepare your own tax return

Contact Us


Creative Arts #116 (next to the Library), San Francisco State University


(415) 338-1079 (only available during VITA operation hours) 


VITA Faculty Advisor

Professor Lena Yang

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